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About Us

We are DC residents concerned about the way projects, licensing, and planning is unfolding in our fair City.

It seems most public projects and planning methods are envisioned, devised, and then implemented with very little outreach seeking community input on various proposals which will affect our lives.

The current development process leaves entire parts of each DC community, who may be concerned or outright opposed to projects, feeling resentful and left out of how their neighborhood changes -- neighborhoods where they may have been living for generations.

This process has to be improved. City leadership and beaurcrats may not be doing their best to include our input or even listen to our concerns. Surveys and petitions and letter writing can help promote participation.

The surveys, petitions, and campaigns on this site attempt to get the most bonafide and meaningful responses possible and deliver those to City leaders. Of course, each response is only as good as the contact information provided -- so the more data users are willing to share the stronger the survey / petition results.

Contact Us

Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions or perhaps would like us to set up a survey or petition for you.

Email us at:

dcfeedback [[ at ]] fastmail [[ dot ]] fm

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DC FEEDBACK WEBSITE: We want your feedback DC!

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